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June 29, 2005 Leave a comment

My calendar skills aren’t that great apparently, because Saturday is July 2nd, and I have to be out by the end of June 30th.  So it looks like tonight will be the big moving time.  Come over to the apartment with a moving-friendly vehicle to help out.  I’ll be back from work around 6.

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June 28, 2005 2 comments

Okay, it’s time for an update.

I’m on my fourth day working at Rinehart Engineering.  It’s a nice job.  The building is air-conditioned, it’s a small company so there’s no bureaucracy, and I get my very own cubicle.  In case you’re wondering what I do there, the next paragraph will explain it as best as I can.  If you’re not interested, skip it.

I am the sole programmer on an application that will handle the user interface and loading of data for a door security control.  Basically it’s a card reader that looks up in its memory if you’re allowed through that door at that time on that day.  Rinehart already has a program that does this (it’s one of their main things) but it’s designed to run on a couple of servers and to handle 100s of doors.  Mine will ideally run on a PC, and will control 3 or 4 doors.  The program consists of grabbing “cardholder” data off of an Oracle database and allowing the user to modify it all.  Since I have no experience with databases, let alone Oracle databases, I spent the first two days in my cubicle reading the Oracle JDeveloper handbook.  I now have the basis of the first function (that’s user function, not programmer function), which is “Maintain Cardholders”.  It displays a big list of them on the left, and when you click on one editable details are shown on the right.  There’s some other stuff but that’s basically it.

Okay, that it for the programming.  In other news…

Aaron decided that he “can’t afford” to pay $300 a month for the apartment.  While I may not agree with his statement, nevertheless he moved out over the weekend.  We talked to the office, and by paying $250 and up to two months of rent (until the apartment is rented out), we can break the lease.  Laura and I packed up most of my stuff yesterday, and I’m going to start moving it out tomorrow evening.  If you want to help out, show up at my apartment on Saturday; that’s when the big stuff is going.  I’m moving into Krepsland Resort, or as it’s better known, Todd and Matt’s house.  Tony moved out a few months ago, so now there’s room for me.

There’s a couple of bonuses to the new place.

1. It’s a house.  Not an apartment, not a townhouse, not a duplex.  It stands on its own, so the guitar shall be played as loud as is needed.  Assuming that it’s okay with the housemates, The Tower now has a place to practice.

2. It’s close to campus.  It’s roughly 2 miles from campus.  That means I can sleep in later study more before leaving for class.

3. I am friends with both of the people there, so there shouldn’t be any problems living with them.

Again assuming it’s okay, I’m having a housewarming party on Saturday night.  I’m thinking videogames, perhaps a B-horror movie.  Even a LAN maybe.

Well, I should get back to solving these problems in my Java code.  Stay Metal m/

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June 25, 2005 Leave a comment

I am back from Niagara, and it was great!  The new job is nice too, although I was over 2 hours late because of that overturned propane truck on Route 30 on Thursday.

I’m still looking for a new roommate.  I would move out, but there’s that pesky issue of the lease.  I’m going to see if we can get out of it without too much of a penalty.

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June 19, 2005 1 comment

If anyone wants to live with me, let me know because my roommate has determined that he can’t afford it anymore.  Your share of rent would be $311.50 and half of the electric and cable bills, usually about $60 more.

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June 18, 2005 1 comment

I hate falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day, because then you wake up and you’re all groggy and kind of disoriented.  It takes a good hour for your mind to wake up, and even then you still feel kind of disjointed.  Anywho…

Xanga comments aren’t working.  That takes most of the fun out this whole thing.  But I’ve discovered a way around it.  Read the post, and then think of what you would write in the comment.  Now write it in Notepad or some other word processing program.  Stare at the text very hard while concentrating on the photo of me in my Xanga.  After ten minutes, take a break.  By this time I should have some inkling of what you wrote appearing in my head.  After a suitable amount of break time, get back to staring at the screen.  Another 15 minutes or so should do it, and then I’ll know what you typed.

Andromeda.  Galaxy, TV show, band.  In all cases, they concern aliens and robots.  Case in point: “Morphing into Nothing” off of the II=I album.  No human could play this song.

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June 18, 2005 Leave a comment

Light of Day, Day of Darkness.  Amazing song/album; 60 minutes long and it never gets old.

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June 16, 2005 1 comment

So it’s now 1:08PM, which means I should have been back at work 8 minutes ago.  Something about my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made me want to stay home.  I am so glad that I won’t be working at the warehouse any more.  It would be fine if there was a constant stream of things to do.  But the sad truth is that I spend 75% of the day walking around looking for tasks.  And they just hired two more people to work in my department.  ?? That makes a lot of sense…I can picture the conversation…

Warehouse Manager: Hey H.R. Lady, there seems to be a shortage of things to do in the put back department.

H.R. Lady: What would you like me to do Warehouse Man?

W.M.: I was thinking that maybe if we hired more people to stand around with them, then they’ll go completely insane from boredom.

H.R.L.: Sounds like a plan.  I’ll hire two more so we have 8 people doing nothing.

W.M.: Wait, this is idiotic, shouldn’t we move some put back people to pick/pack, since we’re thousands of orders behind?

H.R.L.: No, that would make sense, and if we made sense we couldn’t consider our work days difficult.

W.M.: Quick thinking H.R. Lady.  Make it so.



I really don’t feel like going back, or going in tomorrow, but money is kind of short right now since the guy who bought the Mesa still hasn’t paid me the rest.  Why can’t we all just sit around and play guitar all day?  And why haven’t we invented food replicators yet?

Oh and just a sidenote, even though I’ll be walking in about 30 minutes after the break ended, no one will say anything to me or even notice that I was gone.

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