To start off, it’s 2AM on Saturday morning, so in my mind it’s still Friday.  Today I did what I normally do in the evening: hang out with Chris.  He’s a cool guy, even when he tries to take off my pants with his overwhelming sexpot-ness….yeah.

We watched the requisite B horror movie, then everyone left so Chris and I just sat around diggin the new Nevermore.  Let me tell you, it is so demonic sounding and awesome sounding that Chris and I agree that everyone but the bass player sold their souls to Satan to create the songs.  The bass player didn’t have to sell his because he just follows the guitar anyway.

After the Nevermore we were looking for something else to listen to, so we tried the new Dream Theater, but it wasn’t matching up to the pure evil of the Nevermore, so we tried some other stuff.  Emperor, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, but none of it was working.  Then we made the mistake of putting on April Ethereal by Opeth, which of course meant that we had to play the rest of the Hearse album.  What an amazingly perfect album it is.  I know Greg won’t agree, but Hearse is Opeth’s best, and perhaps one of the top five albums of all time.  The songs all flow together nicely, it goes from one extreme to the other and leaves the listener in a trance after it ends.  Great stuff.  If you get a chance, buy the album.  It’s worth it, even if you’re not into metal.

Earlier in the day, Chris, A.J., and I went to see Episode III again.  This was my third time and the movie’s faults are coming to light.  Number one: George Lucas cannot write a screenplay.  The dialog coming out of the cast was dreadful.  Number two: George Lucas cannot direct.  I’ve seen great performances from Portman, MacGregor, and McDiarmid, but they all seem dead in this movie.  Number three: there is way too much CG stuff.  It’s cool at first, but it looks so fake that when you finally see a real set (the inside of Senator Organa’s ship) that it takes you by surprise with its detailedness.

We stopped by that records and skates store before the movie started, and ran into Karen who was working there, and Greg, who came in with I guess was a meal/snack for Karen.  So Karen “helped us look for stuff” while we were in there.  There was some cool stuff, such as Opeth’s Orchid on vinyl as well as some Emperor on vinyl and CD.  I’ve decided that I should get a turntable so I can play my Megadeth vinyl and so I can be cool and elite and buy more vinyl.  Plus vinyl sounds better anyway.

Laura comes home in two days!  I’m excited and probably won’t be available for any other hanging out for at least a month while I try to make up for lost time in the hugging and holding category.

There’s still no call from Lowes.  It’s not a huge deal, since Mark reports that the warehouse job is pretty easy.  It just takes a lot of time, since shifts are between 10 and 12 hours a day, and Saturdays are common and Sundays are possible.  Still, Sundays are optional so if I ever need a day off I can just opt out of the overtime.  From what the manager told me, he doesn’t expect the weekend work to go past July as the orders calm down.  Being a school supply store they get a tsunami of orders at the end of the school year.  Also, my internship guy from York hasn’t replied yet, but he’s probably not in the office, so I don’t expect a reply until next week at the earliest.

This has turned out to be a really long entry, so I’m stopping now.

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  1. June 4, 2005 at 5:08 PM

    chris is cool and he doesn’t try to take your pants off…you try to take your pants off.

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