I am home from my first day of work.  You may wonder why I’m home at 2:45PM.  The normal shift is 7:30AM to 6:00PM, but today the network which handles all of the inventory (which we pick-packers use heavily) went kaputt.  I kind of wanted to experience a 10 hour shift, but I guess it’s nice to get a half day on my first day.  The job is super easy, although my training partner was not getting it.  Here’s what I do: I walk around the warehouse looking for inventory that need to be put on the shelves.  When I find one I scan its tag with the scanner gun thingy, which tells me where it is supposed to go.  Then, I unpack the inventory, put it in a file box, and stick it in its proper place.

Very simple I know.  The only downsides that I can tell so far is the long shift, as there’s currently not enough to keep us all busy.  Also, it’s a warehouse, so it’s hot.  I’ll probably start taking showers when I get home instead of in the morning.

Laura got back from Scotland yesterday.

I met her at the airport with a bouqet of carnations.  She liked them but most of what she said was about how hot it was (the weather when she left was about 40 degrees fahrenheit).  I still love her though, so I put up with the whining   I stayed down in Maryland at her house and we made it through the storm okay.  The power went off a few times, which made it hard to watch TV, but since she went to sleep around 8:00 it really didn’t matter. (she was still on Scotland time, a.k.a. 5 hours ahead of here).

That’s about all that has happened since my last entry.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but these 7:30-6 shifts are going to be rough.  Oh yeah, we also work pretty much all Saturdays and some Sundays.  Oh well, at least my 80 hours a week will make me a thousandaire.  I did hear back from one of my internships and he seems interested and asked me for my schedule “if we want to set up an interview.”  He’s very noncommittal.

I’m going out to the Lizard Lounge tonight, so if you’re of age come along.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 7, 2005 at 4:30 PM

    I would if i knew where it was

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