It’s Monday.  I had a lot of fun visiting Laura this weekend.  Since I didn’t have work on Saturday, I came down Friday night.  I got there around 8 or 9 so we just sat in the basement watching TV.  On Saturday we looked in the newspaper for something to do and found a Scottish Festival in the Susquehanna State Forest.  Since it was only about 10 minutes away we went.  It was basically a very small-scale renaissance fair with emphasis on Scottish things.  We walked around, listened to the pipe band, looked at some Scottish things to buy, and then left.  I had fun, but it was hot and humid so being outside took some work.  Then we had dinner at Applebee’s and met up with Laura’s parents at the movie theater to see Madagascar.  It was okay; it had some funny parts, but overall it was just another Dreamworks movie (i.e. Shrek, Shark Tale).  Then we went to Dairy Queen and then back home.  Laura had to go to her cousin’s wedding on Sunday, so I left in the morning.

The creaking noise my car was making is fixed.  I took it in this morning and they determined that it was something with the length of the sway bar.  The car drives better now too.  I also had them replace the fuel filter, since it was time to do it anyway.

I know you’re all probably wondering why I’m home right now instead of at work.  Well, I told them I’d be in late because of the car appointment, and they didn’t really care what time I came in.  That fact, coupled with my feeling of not wanting to go in has resulted in me sitting here.  I am going to go in soon, I just want to spend the least time possible in that hot warehouse.  Since we’re now “caught up” with the orders, there won’t be a lot of overtime.  It’s nice, but it also sucks, because I wanted to make some serious money this summer.  40*7.50 = barely enough.

On the plus side I do have an interview tomorrow with the internship guy from York.  I hope it goes well, because I’d much rather be using my education than slaving away in a warehouse.  Also, I’m sure the pay at the internship will be better.

The Niagara Falls trip is next week   I can’t wait.  I haven’t been up there since I was about 8 or 9 and Laura has never been there.  The hotel we’re staying at isn’t the greatest, but they just renovated it last year so at least it will look nice.  It’s also within walking distance of the Falls, which means free parking

Laura is coming up Tuesday or Wednesday this week to look for a job.  She moves back into her apartment at the end of the month.

Well, I’m going to work I guess.  Stay metal m/

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