So it’s now 1:08PM, which means I should have been back at work 8 minutes ago.  Something about my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made me want to stay home.  I am so glad that I won’t be working at the warehouse any more.  It would be fine if there was a constant stream of things to do.  But the sad truth is that I spend 75% of the day walking around looking for tasks.  And they just hired two more people to work in my department.  ?? That makes a lot of sense…I can picture the conversation…

Warehouse Manager: Hey H.R. Lady, there seems to be a shortage of things to do in the put back department.

H.R. Lady: What would you like me to do Warehouse Man?

W.M.: I was thinking that maybe if we hired more people to stand around with them, then they’ll go completely insane from boredom.

H.R.L.: Sounds like a plan.  I’ll hire two more so we have 8 people doing nothing.

W.M.: Wait, this is idiotic, shouldn’t we move some put back people to pick/pack, since we’re thousands of orders behind?

H.R.L.: No, that would make sense, and if we made sense we couldn’t consider our work days difficult.

W.M.: Quick thinking H.R. Lady.  Make it so.



I really don’t feel like going back, or going in tomorrow, but money is kind of short right now since the guy who bought the Mesa still hasn’t paid me the rest.  Why can’t we all just sit around and play guitar all day?  And why haven’t we invented food replicators yet?

Oh and just a sidenote, even though I’ll be walking in about 30 minutes after the break ended, no one will say anything to me or even notice that I was gone.

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  1. June 17, 2005 at 12:09 AM

    you know if kurt russel worked at that place…well that’d be pretty sweet i guess

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