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July 21, 2005 3 comments

I leave for Texas super early Saturday morning.  Like 4AM super early.  Our flight leaves BWI around 7, so with getting to the airport, and getting there an hour before the flight, that means leaving Lancaster at 4.  Ugh.  I suppose it won’t be too bad though, because I’m used to getting up at 6:45AM for work.  I’ve jokingly suggested bringing a cot into work on Friday and just staying there overnight, since that would take almost an hour off of the travel time.  I don’t think Mr. Rinehart would like that idea though.

Speaking of work, I have finished two sections of the application I’m working on: Maintain Cardholders and Maintain Departments.  MC took me about  two weeks since it was pretty involved and everything was new to me.  MD took two days, since it is basically a table that you click on.

Apparently the Tower practice for yesterday was called off due to some members not being able to make it.  While it’s not a huge deal since I was home anyway, I would have liked to know about the cancellation before calling Greg wondering where everyone was.  We’re going to try to practice on Friday, although I don’t know when, since I want to be in bed early so I have a chance at being awake the next morning for the drive to the airport.

My sister and her family are moving up here in August.  Her husband got a job in Harrisburg, so they have an excuse to get out of McAllen, Texas.  In case you didn’t know, McAllen is right near the southern tip of the state.  You get all of the hot temperatures of the southwest mixed in with the high humidity of a Gulf of Mexico tropical island.  It’s a horrible place to live.

That’s about all I have to say.  It’s boring, I know.


Oh, just another thing to add.  I’m making this entry on my computer at home through a remote desktop connection from work.  It’s pretty sweet.

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July 13, 2005 Leave a comment

It’s 3:47PM and I have to stay here until 5:00PM.  I have hit a
bug that I don’t know how to fix, so I’m waiting for responses to my
post on the Oracle Forums
That’s the only bad part about programming.  You fly along for
weeks going over some bumps and around some turns.  Then one day
you hit gridlock traffic and you can’t move ahead until the problem is
solved.  And in this case the problem is very specific to my case
and has nothing to do with Java; it’s all Oracle.  And with my new
knowledge of the massive amount of bugs in JDeveloper, I am almost
positive that it’s simple a bug in the program, and not my fault at
all.  That would be bad because that means it’s not fixable until
the new version comes out.

I’m having dinner over at Laura’s tonight and then heading back home
for a practice with The Tower.  Jordan will be there tongiht, so
we’ll get to play with a drummer.  Hopefully he can come up with
something cool to go with the 9/4 part in Mayor of
Diminishedville.  Our practice on Saturday was productive; we put
together a rough song version of the MoD riffs, and expanded on
Lightning and Roses a bit.

Work would be better if it wasn’t 65 degrees, didn’t have country music
playing, and I wasn’t staring into a horrible 19 inch monitor all
day.  Max resolution: 1280×1024, very curved screen.  That
put together equals no area where things are in focus, and huge text
making it hard to code.  Plus I have a headache, so things could
be a lot better.

My mouse and power strip are missing.  If anyone knows where they are, let me know.

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Another slow day at work, another Xanga entry.  I have the program
(at least the part of it I’ve been working on) practically
complete.  The last tidbit is a thing that I’m not too sure
exactly what it’s supposed to do.  And Brad is out of the office
today so I can’t ask him.  You’d think it would be in the
specifications, but Brad isn’t too good at writing detailed specs.

Speaking of work, I’m enjoying it.  The days are a little longer
than I can maintain interest in what I’m doing (I start spacing out
around 3:45), but I’m glad that I’m actually getting paid to use my
major.  I am sooo glad that Java has awesome documentation; that’s
the main reason I like Java so much.  Without the documentation it
would be a labyrinth of interconnected objects.

That said, the Java libraries from Oracle (for interfacing with the
database) are good, but have zero documentation.  So instead of
just pulling up the Java API and finding what I need, I have to search
through Oracle forums hoping that someone else had a problem similar to
mine.  In fact, once I got the main framework of the application
built, I spent most of my time looking up how to fix the bugs.

In conclusion, I like the job, and I like getting paid.

In other news…..
The Tower will be practicing this Saturday m/  It has been since
the TV show that we’ve played together as a band, which was way back in
April or March or something.  I hope that we can get a good
working song with Mayor of Diminishedville.  I also hope that a
regular practice schedule can be set up and that a show wouldn’t be out
of the question in a few months.

I’m moved into the new house, but there are still tons of boxes waiting
to be unpacked.  I think that when I get home from work tomorrow
(since Laura and I are going to the Barnstormers tonight) I will work
on organizing the kitchen and unpacking my stuff.  No offense to
Todd or Matt, but the kitchen is turning on my
Obsessive-Compulsive/neat-freak gene.  And the bathroom….well
let’s just say that I’ll be setting aside a weekend to clean it

I should probably look like I’m busy, so I’ll close this window now.  Stay Metal m/

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