It’s 3:47PM and I have to stay here until 5:00PM.  I have hit a
bug that I don’t know how to fix, so I’m waiting for responses to my
post on the Oracle Forums
That’s the only bad part about programming.  You fly along for
weeks going over some bumps and around some turns.  Then one day
you hit gridlock traffic and you can’t move ahead until the problem is
solved.  And in this case the problem is very specific to my case
and has nothing to do with Java; it’s all Oracle.  And with my new
knowledge of the massive amount of bugs in JDeveloper, I am almost
positive that it’s simple a bug in the program, and not my fault at
all.  That would be bad because that means it’s not fixable until
the new version comes out.

I’m having dinner over at Laura’s tonight and then heading back home
for a practice with The Tower.  Jordan will be there tongiht, so
we’ll get to play with a drummer.  Hopefully he can come up with
something cool to go with the 9/4 part in Mayor of
Diminishedville.  Our practice on Saturday was productive; we put
together a rough song version of the MoD riffs, and expanded on
Lightning and Roses a bit.

Work would be better if it wasn’t 65 degrees, didn’t have country music
playing, and I wasn’t staring into a horrible 19 inch monitor all
day.  Max resolution: 1280×1024, very curved screen.  That
put together equals no area where things are in focus, and huge text
making it hard to code.  Plus I have a headache, so things could
be a lot better.

My mouse and power strip are missing.  If anyone knows where they are, let me know.

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