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August 25, 2005 Leave a comment

Wow, what a day yesterday was.  Brad left for the tradeshow on Tuesday.  He had my program on his laptop, and he (thought) had set up a personal database so the program would use it.  Of course he never tested it at the office, so when he got up to the hotel in NYC the program couldn’t connect to the database.  So all of yesterday was spent trying desperately to fix this error.  We tried updating the connection config files in the program, sending a version of the program built specifically to use the connection settings that he had, and finally creating a facsimile of his laptop on Linsey’s laptop here at the office.  By now it was around 5:00.  Linsey and I finally got something running by using the actual computer name (in this case instead of locahost.  Of course, they’re supposed to point to the same address, but I guess the JDBC (Java Database Connection) requires the full name.  So it was connecting, but some aspects of the program weren’t working.  We gave up around 9:30 last night.

So, no Tower practice could occur since I was sitting in front of my computer trying things to make it work.  I was really looking forward to it too, since we haven’t had a practice with the whole band in ages.

So this morning I go in at 8, try a few more things and realize that I’m getting an error because it can’t find one of the classes it needs.  So I go back in and see that in my quest to make the overall file size smaller I neglected to include a needed library.  So I included it and of course everything worked fine, so I sent it off to Brad this morning around 8:30.  He called back shortly and said everything appeared to be working fine.  Phew!  I guess this is what the real world is like.  No extensions, no forgiving teachers, and a pass/fail mentality.

The good news now is that I finished the install program for the app around 11, so the above shouldn’t happen again.  I can’t do a formal test of it because Linsey is out of the office today and I won’t know if the install successfully changes the connection settings until a server other than the one at the office is used.

So, enough talk about work.  Today is Dad’s 58th birthday, so wish him a happy one.  You may think that’s old, but I am the third child and they married a little late, so it’s nothing super odd.  This is the first birthday that he hasn’t needed/wanted anything for the sailboat, so I’m a little stumped as to what to get him.

In other fun computer news…

The Internet on my computer at home is acting strangely.  It won’t let me connect to AIM, MSN, or the WWW, but it will let me connect to the network at the office.  So I guess until I figure out what’s wrong with it I can just do a Remote Desktop into work and use their Internet to browse around.  Also, if I go down into the basement and reset the router, my computer goes into an infinite reboot loop.  That coupled with the fact that I need to find a temporary replacement for my video card so I can send it in to get fixed makes my computer a fun thing to use.

I’ll probably leave work at lunch, since there’s nothing else to do here.  So if it’s after 1, give me a call if you want to hang out.

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August 23, 2005 3 comments

I found the order of bands:

  1. Bobaflex
  2. Nevermore
  3. Dry Kill Logic
  4. Dillinger Escape Plan
  5. Symphony X
  6. Fear Factory
  7. Life Of Agony
  8. Dream Theater
  9. Megadeth

So there’s no hurry to show up for Bobaflex, but I do want to see Nevermore since their new album is amazing.  But then there’s a long break before Symphony X, so we’ll probably walk around the arena, get some food if it’s for sale, buy a shirt, etc.  After Symphony X there’s a pretty long break before DT and Megadeth, but Chris says Life of Agony isn’t that bad and I’m curious enough about Fear Factory (after all they have the second longest set time of any band there) to sit through their show at least for a while.

In other news…[morse code sound effect]

My sister Alice and her family (husband Jason, son Andrew, daughter Leah) are now living at my parents house.  They still have a boatload of boxes to unpack, but everything is out of the moving truck.  They moved here because Jason got a job as an attorney for the state/city in Harrisburg (I’m not sure which).  So they’ll be living at my parents until they can purchase a new house closer to Harrisburg.

My dad’s birthday is coming up this week.  It’s the 25th, although the party is scheduled for Sunday the 28th.  He’ll be 58 I believe.

The Tower may be practicing Wednesday.  Someone needs to let me know if this is a go so I don’t make any other plans.

This weekend should be good: Friday is Dark Black at the Chameleon, Saturday Gigantour, and Sunday my dad’s birthday party.  Just in time for school on Monday.

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August 19, 2005 4 comments

The Gigantour tickets came yesterday.  Since everyone is a poser except for Laura and me, that’s all who’s going.  Our seats are kind of far away, but they’re elevated and facing dead on, so even if the bands are small, there won’t be anyone in the way.  The tickets were about $12 cheaper that way.  Plus I really didn’t feel like standing for 7 hours.  Here’s the lineup:

Stage 1:

  • Megadeth – (90 mins)

  • Dream Theater – (90 mins) – 06/21-09/03 (Anthrax fills in after DT leaves)

  • Fear Factory – (45 mins) – 06/21-09/11

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan – (30 mins) – 08/02-09/11

  • Nevermore – (30 mins) – 06/21-09/11

    Stage 2


  • Life Of Agony – (40 mins) – 06/21-09/11

  • Symphony X – (30 mins) – 06/21-09/11

  • Dry Kill Logic – (20 mins) – 06/21-09/11

  • Bobaflex – (20 mins) – 06/21-09/11

    There was a listing of the performance order, but I can’t find it.  I believe they start with a 1st stage, then a 2nd, then a 1st, etc. with Megadeth ending the night.

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    August 12, 2005 1 comment


    The Mesa guy finally sent me the last of the money!!!  Time to pack up the amp and take it over to Art at the UPS Store.

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    August 12, 2005 1 comment

    So I’m sitting at home.  This week has not been a good one for feeling completely healthy.  I guess it’s a little stress mixed with the changing weather.  Anyway, I’m not at work because I felt like crap this morning and when I woke up again at 12 it really didn’t feel worth it to drive 45 minutes to work only to be there for a few hours.  I did connect into the office and do a little work, so the day wasn’t a complete waste.  The problem is that I am running out of things to add to the program.  Right now it does pretty much everything it’s supposed to do.  The only thing not in it is maintain schedules, but I don’t have access to the schedule tables, and Brad has no clue where they are.

    Here’s a screenshot of the program as it exists now:

    Pretty fancy stuff, I know.

    Laura is leaving for Maryland after she gets out of work today to renew her driver’s license.  She’s coming back either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  Her birthday celebration turned out to be kind of a let-down.  We had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in the York Galleria, which was fine.  Then she wanted to go to Target (which is the reason we went out to York to eat) to use a giftcard that her brother had gotten her.  After that we headed down to the Hop, a 50s-themed club/bar with a dancefloor.  Unfortunately Monday is the only day that there is no music.  Needless to say there was only one other person in the bar besides the bartender.  Oh well.  We’re going to try to go another day when it’s busier so some dancing can occur.

    You know what’s a whole lot of fun?  Playing guitar in a band.

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    August 11, 2005 Leave a comment

    So, we were supposed to have a Tower practice tonight.  Too bad no one showed up.  Normally I’d just be like “oh well, I was home anyway”, but I had a chance to go to a Barnstormers game and passed it up because I had practice.  I know it’s been difficult getting a solid schedule down, but is no one really interested in continuing with the band?

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    August 3, 2005 3 comments

    The program is nearing completion.  At least I think it is.  Linsey needs to get working and interface the card access device to the database so it can be updated on scans.  But the software side of the program is practically done.  Here’s what I can do:

    Maintain cardholders, departments, alarms, and transactions

    Scan for new transactions and alarms with super cool color-changing table

    Display alarm and transaction histories

    It may not seem like much, but there’s not much else to the program.  Think about it, if you wanted a door access system, what would you want?  A way to maintain people with cards and the types of messages generated by the swipes, and a way to monitor swipes with an alert for any special case.

    So, enough about work.  How about Texas?  It was nice to see my sister and her family, but since my brother-in-law got a job in Harrisburg, they’ll be up here in a few weeks anyway, so the trip kind of was wasted.  It was fun being at the beach though ( ), even if it was 100 degrees everyday with an ocean temperature of about 90 degrees.  The pool in the back of the house we rented maintained around 95 degrees.  Apparently the Caribbean is that hot too.  That makes me never want to go there.  In the evening it was actually cooler in the air than in the water.

    I have no idea if the Tower is practicing tonight.  Can someone let me know?

    Laura’s 21st birthday is this Monday.  We’re going down to her parents on Saturday for a celebration.  While I have plans on what we’re doing Monday, I have no idea for a gift.  Last year’s toaster oven didn’t go over well, so I think appliances are out.  We’ll see.

    Gigantour is fast approaching.  I’m getting my tickets on Friday.  If anyone (chris) decides to not be a poser and go with me, I’ll group the tickets together so our seats will be next to each other.

    The Mesa buyer still owes me $500.  I was supposed to get it three weeks ago, didn’t get it, sent him an email, he replied with “I need two more weeks”, I say ok, still no money.  I’m getting pretty fed up with him, but am at a loss as to what I can ethically do.  Sure I could take it over to Guitar Center and have them give me $1500 as they offered to do back in February.  But how much should be refunded to my tardy payment-making buyer?  So far I have $1600 from him, which roughly $1000 was spent on a new amp, guitar, and trip to Scotland.  Maybe I should start charging late fees, like 10% a week or so.  The agreed upon payment date was March 18th, so that would make it almost 20 weeks to now.  If I had been charging 10% a week he’s now owe me $3000 instead of $500.  That sounds like a good idea.

    Well, this entry is super long, and since no one really reads these I’ll end it. m/

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