Wow, what a day yesterday was.  Brad left for the tradeshow on Tuesday.  He had my program on his laptop, and he (thought) had set up a personal database so the program would use it.  Of course he never tested it at the office, so when he got up to the hotel in NYC the program couldn’t connect to the database.  So all of yesterday was spent trying desperately to fix this error.  We tried updating the connection config files in the program, sending a version of the program built specifically to use the connection settings that he had, and finally creating a facsimile of his laptop on Linsey’s laptop here at the office.  By now it was around 5:00.  Linsey and I finally got something running by using the actual computer name (in this case instead of locahost.  Of course, they’re supposed to point to the same address, but I guess the JDBC (Java Database Connection) requires the full name.  So it was connecting, but some aspects of the program weren’t working.  We gave up around 9:30 last night.

So, no Tower practice could occur since I was sitting in front of my computer trying things to make it work.  I was really looking forward to it too, since we haven’t had a practice with the whole band in ages.

So this morning I go in at 8, try a few more things and realize that I’m getting an error because it can’t find one of the classes it needs.  So I go back in and see that in my quest to make the overall file size smaller I neglected to include a needed library.  So I included it and of course everything worked fine, so I sent it off to Brad this morning around 8:30.  He called back shortly and said everything appeared to be working fine.  Phew!  I guess this is what the real world is like.  No extensions, no forgiving teachers, and a pass/fail mentality.

The good news now is that I finished the install program for the app around 11, so the above shouldn’t happen again.  I can’t do a formal test of it because Linsey is out of the office today and I won’t know if the install successfully changes the connection settings until a server other than the one at the office is used.

So, enough talk about work.  Today is Dad’s 58th birthday, so wish him a happy one.  You may think that’s old, but I am the third child and they married a little late, so it’s nothing super odd.  This is the first birthday that he hasn’t needed/wanted anything for the sailboat, so I’m a little stumped as to what to get him.

In other fun computer news…

The Internet on my computer at home is acting strangely.  It won’t let me connect to AIM, MSN, or the WWW, but it will let me connect to the network at the office.  So I guess until I figure out what’s wrong with it I can just do a Remote Desktop into work and use their Internet to browse around.  Also, if I go down into the basement and reset the router, my computer goes into an infinite reboot loop.  That coupled with the fact that I need to find a temporary replacement for my video card so I can send it in to get fixed makes my computer a fun thing to use.

I’ll probably leave work at lunch, since there’s nothing else to do here.  So if it’s after 1, give me a call if you want to hang out.

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