School has begun.  Classes so far are pretty good.  I’m taking Wellness (think phys. ed. mixed with health mixed with don’t binge drink), Databases (SQL stuff), Pop Music, and Solfege IV.  Also in there is lessons and band.  Speaking of band, here’s my story:

I sign up for Concert Band, which is the lower of the two bands as far as overall skill goes.  I don’t do Wind Ensemble (the higher of the two) because it has a rehearsal Wednesdays 6-7, and since my radio show is 4-7, I wouldn’t be able to make that practice.  So at the placement audition for concert band (to tell me that I’m playing 1st instead of 2nd or 3rd) they say that the audition is also for Wind Ensemble.  I say okay, but I have this conflict.  They make some fuss about it, asking if I can move it, etc.  I say I might be able to leave it a little early.  To this, the director says “okay we can work out a compromise.”

So, of course I get first chair in wind ensemble.  I remind the director of my conflict and he says “well you can’t miss any of the practice.  Do you need me to call someone to move your commitment?”  To which I respond, “no, but I can’t leave over an hour early.”  To which he says “well find a way to make it work so you are at practice.” 

Now, I may not be aware of the way the music department here works, but doesn’t “compromise” mean that both sides give something up?  It’s really making me angry that I’m forced to give up something that I love doing to play in a band that plays boring 20th century band music.  Most of me wants to quit W.E. and just play in S.B. so I can do the show.  A little part of me wants to stay in W.E. because it will look better on the resume.  I’m laying down the law with the director tomorrow, saying that I can get to practice at 6:30 Wednesdays, which would mean giving up 45 minutes of my slot.

Why is it that the music department has a god complex???

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