So here we are at the end of the third week of school.  Here’s
what’s going on.  Classes are going well.  Wellness is
boring, but incredibly easy (as a freshman course should be to a 6th
year student).  Database is kind of boring subject matter, but the
professor is awesome (Dr. Elzer) and I know for a fact that this is
useful knowledge for the real world of programming.  Pop Music is
a waste of time, but is a required elective.  I say it’s a waste
because it’s a general education course, so it’s a majority of
non-majors in there.  That means that everything is dumbed down
and we spend an entire class learning what syncopation is.  At
least it’s kind of interesting since it’s taught by Dr. Corley (a black
man) so you get to hear a different approach to popular music in
America: that it’s all from East Africa.  You might be thinking,
‘wait, I don’t hear any African drums or chants in my Iron Maiden,’ but
you’re wrong.  Without Africa we would have no backbeat. 
Crazy stuff.  Last class Dr. Corley played an African song
alternating with a worksong from the south and they were almost
identical.  Really crazy stuff.  Solfege IV is fun.  I
know a lot of you might want to beat me up for saying that, but I’m
really enjoying it.  It’s amazing how carefree you are in the
class when you actually do all of the homework assigned.

The Tower is going very well also.  We have the framework of three
new songs, and one complete song, as well as a few covers.  I’m
predicting that we’ll be playing shows by the end of the year.  If
anyone wants to hear what we sound like, come on over to my house on
Wednesdays any time between 7:30 and 9:00.  Oh, remember your
earplugs…we’re quite loud (as a metal band should be).

I need a job.  If anyone has any suggestions for a place that I
could work mainly weekends for at least $7 an hour, it would be
fantastic.  I’m not looking for much, just $150-$200 a week, so
like 20-25 hours.

Well, I’m off to make myself some dinner.  Keep it metal m/

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