I’m trying out Rhapsody.  Not the band, I already know that they
rock.  I’m talking about the online music service.  I figure
a free 30 day trial is pretty good.  So far here’s what I’ve found:

Their selection isn’t the greatest if you’re looking for current small
label bands, i.e. Symphony X or Into Eternity.  Otherwise they
have a pretty solid collection.  I had to get some old blues stuff
by Memphis Minnie for class and they have all of her albums on there.

That brings up another item:  Not all of the songs are
downloadable.  Some aren’t available at all, and some only
stream.  It’s okay though, because the streams are full quality,
and Rhapsody automatically downloads the ones that are downloadable
while you’re listening to something else.  After the 30 days free,
it’s $9.99 a month, or $8.33 a month if I pay for the whole year at
once.  I don’t know if I will, since chances are I’ll have gotten
everything I want by the time 30 days rolls around.  The best part
is that Rhapsody saves the files in properly organized folders in the
My Music folder of Windows.  So when I do cancel the program, I’ll
be able to keep everything I got (and if it tries to delete them upon
uninstall, I’ll just make copies first).

I’m going out to Damon’s tonight to watch the Flyer’s preseason. 
Pretty sad, since even the regular season doesn’t mean much in the NHL,
but hey, it’s something to do.  Come out and join me if you want
to.  The only others there will be my roommates.

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