I am now an employee of Gamestop.  Thank you Greg for the hearty
recommendation; my interview was basically a “here’s what you’ll be
doing, do you want to do this” rather than an “are you the right person
for the job”.  I have orientation/paperwork on Saturday. 
After that I don’t know, but I imagine that I’ll be training for a
while.  The bad news is that it’s only $5.15/hour.  The good
news is that I get 30% off at Barnes & Noble, and 20% of games,
plus free “rentals” one at a time.  In the end, it’s a job, and it
brings me money that I desperately need to pay for school.

I had a Solfege test today.  It went fine except for the fact that
I totally had a brain fart on the chord progression, so what would have
been a B+ turned into something else (he didn’t tell me).  The
good news is that I got an A- on the written aspect, so as long as my
progressions flow out of me a little easier on the next test and on the
final I’ll be fine for the semester.

The Flyers are back, but they lost the season opener to the
Rangers.  Oh well, they can still beat the Devils on Friday and
make me happy.  Also, congratulations to the Phillies for putting
up a solid effort right until the end.

Lastly, I cancelled my Rhapsody trial.  It was okay, but there
just wasn’t any availability of tracks by current underground
bands.  They had pages and bios and everything, but no
music.  I guess the talks with the record labels are still

Good night all.

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