As I sit hear listening to my music I come upon strange
questions…What exactly is a Jotun?  Where does the smile of dawn
live?  Some of these questions can be answered.  A Jotun is a
mythical giant creature in Norse mythology.  That one makes sense,
since In Flames is from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The smile of dawn?  Who knows.  Todd and Angie say she lives
down the road.  I say that the smile of dawn is probably the child
of dawn, i.e. the one who makes dawn smile, so who is the child of
dawn?  The child of dawn is whomever is born from dawn, so what
happens when the sun rises?  Dew forms?  Flowers open? 
The air warms?  It is quite the enigma.  However I recently
came to the conclusion that most progressive rock lyrics exist to
create enigmas.  Very few lyrics have actual meaning to
them.  Oh well, it’s an awesome song, so the lyrics don’t bother
me much.  On a sidenote, it seems that the smile of dawn is also
Metropolis, who, if you connect Metropolis Pt. 1 with it’s sequel
album, is also Victoria, the spirit of a woman who was murdered by a
jealous lover in 1928.  Perhaps the smile of dawn could be the
memory of a dream?  Very interesting indeed.

I’m in a strange mood, so please excuse my odd thought patterns.

I went out to Guitar Center today with Chris and Greg looking for a
cheap seven-string guitar to use for recording on Chris’s album. 
No such luck.  They had a very nice looking Jackson Randy Rhoads
model 7-string, but one, it had the tune-o-matic bridge which I can’t
stand, and two, it was $400 used.  Triple R Guitar has a $129
Ibanez 7-string for sale, but they were closed when we got there (they
close at 5PM on Saturday ???  Who does that?)  So no guitar
for now.  Perhaps I’ll peruse ebay.

In a somewhat related though, I miss Dream Theater.  They haven’t
put out a good album since Scenes From a Memory in 1999.  That’s
three albums that have sucked.  It seems that they’ve gotten the
idea that prog metal needs to be on seven-string guitars and have
boring cliche metal riffs with random interspersed shredding.  I
miss the artfully-constructed songs of Images & Words, Awake, and
Falling Into Infinity.  At least there are now other prog metal
bands to listen to, such as Symphony X and Andromeda.

Speaking of bands, I can’t wait until Halloween.  That’s when I go
to see Opeth with Into Eternity and Nevermore opening up for
them.  ‘Twill be amazing.

Laura and I did a radio show this morning since the owners of the
timeslot couldn’t come.  We did 4 hours, with each hour being a
decade of music.  60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s/00s.  It was fun,
although programming 4 hours of music is hard even with a theme.

This has become quite a long entry, so I’m stopping now.  Stay metal m/

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  1. October 9, 2005 at 11:00 AM

    Weird thought process and we hadn’t even gone out yet… what is that?

  2. October 10, 2005 at 5:12 PM

    6DOIT is good ………………..Honor Thy Father is a cool song? ……..Jotun is an awesome song m/ ………………………………………………………………..

  3. October 18, 2005 at 11:20 PM

    Hey Stan! How’s it going? See, I DO read your xanga every once in awhile.

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