Oh man.

The concert last night was amazing.  We got there about 5 minutes
before Into Eternity took the stage.  I’d like to say that it was
just perfect timing, but it’s actually because we couldn’t find how to
get from 676 to South Street.  Anyway, Into Eternity takes the
stage.  I wasn’t expecting much; I had heard a few of their songs
and wasn’t too impressed.  Wow, has my opinion changed! 
Their frontman/singer was very charismatic and kept the crowd genuinely
interested in the show.  This is often very hard to do for the
opening act in a three band show.  Once I get some money I think
I’ll buy their new album.  It’s going on my Christmas list at

They played for about 30 minutes, and after a short stage change
Nevermore took the stage.  Wow what an ugly bunch of guys. 
But man can they play.  My face melted a few times and eventually
I just decided to keep it on a block of ice so I could enjoy the
show.  Jeff Loomis has some of the smoothest technique of any
guitarist I’ve seen.  He even pulled off the crazy 7-string
sweeping part in “This Godless Endeavor”.  Warrell Dane sounded
good too, even though he apologized for not singing well due to a
cold.  In his words “We could have cancelled the show, but that’s
not very metal.”  Awesome, entertaining show.

After a lengthy stage change, Opeth took the stage to a thunderous
applause.  Mike was his usual talkative self and was great to
listen to.  One guy in the crowd yelled out “Katatonia!” (a band
containing some of Mike’s friends) and Mike said “Yes, what about
them?”  In between the excellent song choices (though sadly “The
Moor” was replaced by “Face of Melinda”), the crowd would yell out
requests, as is common practice at a show.  Mike went into this
big speech about how “someday Opeth will come to Philadelphia and play
a show where we take requests.  This is not that day.”  Such
an awesome guy.  Among the other Mike banter was a death metal
growl vocal lesson (“oooh”), the three types of death metal drum beats,
and a headbanging lesson which poked fun at the bassist for not
headbanging correctly.  I was a little ticked at the posers next
to us wearing Slipknot shirts and moshing, as Opeth is pretty far from
good moshing music.  But they didn’t slam into me very much so it
wasn’t too distracting.

Overall, I’d rate this show at a 9/10.  The sound was good, the
bands were good, but the venue was kind of a dump and the crowd wasn’t
the typical metal crowd, which took away from the show a little.

In other news, my Solfege test
went about as I expected it: a C+.  I knew I had slipped a little
this section of the course, and both Dr. Houlahan and myself were
disappointed.  Oh well, there’s always the final, and I got a B+
on the first test, so everything should average out okay.

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