Hey Everyone.

Since people are resistant to sign up to Blogger, I guess I’ll stay
here for now.  The RSS feeds for the blog are nice over there, but
they’ll have to wait.

We got our tests back in Wellness today.  I thought I did pretty
well.  In reality it seems that not studying at all and missing
some of the classes for this test period didn’t help.  Anyway, as
long as I study for the last test I’ll be fine.

DB was awesome as usual.  Our project is a lot more work than I
thought it would be, but it will be very cool when it’s all done.

Pop Music, or Jazz Music as the prof says it should be called was
okay.  We watched part of the Jazz video we’ve been watching most
of the semester.  This part was on the beginnings of Bebop, a.k.a.
Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Charlie Parker.  Not super
interesting, but useful to know.

I’m about to leave to go and finish filming for our wellness
project.  It’s about tobacco use, and we’ve come up with a
Superman parody for it.  It should be entertaining, plus you get
to see me dressed as a woman.  A very ugly woman.

So, time to go.

Metropolis Pt 1 is amazing.

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