Today I worked what I think is the longest shift I’ve ever worked.
5:30AM to 4:00PM. Man are those Black Friday shoppers crazy! The minute
the doors opened at 6AM they all ran in an staked claims on the items
they wanted. It was probably also fueled by the fact that Sears was
giving away $10 to the first 25 people through the door. I’m in
Appliances, so we weren’t too busy, as not too many people give washing
machines for Christmas.

Anyway, my record for the longest shift
will be broken tomorrow. I work 6:30AM-5:00PM at Sears, and then drive
over to Gamestop from 5:00PM until we close. All totaled out it will
probably mean 15.5 hours of work. Ugh. However, this day alone will
probably fund my entire Christmas shopping this year. Let’s
see…6:30-5 @ $8/hr and 5-10 @ $5.15/hr. That’s $84 + $25.75, or
$109.75 for the day. Counting today’s $84 and Sunday’s 7-8 hours at
Sears, that’s almost $250 before taxes. Not bad for three days work. If
I could do that every weekend (not that I want to; I’m exhausted) that
would be $1000 a month, which I could definitely use. Oh well,
Christmas Break is coming soon, right? 🙂

Speaking of Christmas
Break reminds me of my schedule fiascos. I’m forced to take two comp
sci courses next semester instead of one because my transferred courses
didn’t count for enough credit. That’s fine with me, since I wanted to
take two anyway. The problem occurs in the fact that I need more music
courses than I can take. Let me explain:

For my B.A. in Music I
need to take two music electives. I’m taking one this semester: Popular
Music. Next semester the only music electives being offered are Popular
Music. Do you see the problem? I also need one more ‘W’ course. After
moving a course to the winter session (I’m not too happy about having
to shell out even more money to MU) I made enough room to take both
comp sci courses. There is no room for an extra music course. And isn’t
the last semester supposed to be an easy one? Mine’s ending up to be
20.5 credits.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing I applied
for that loan, since there’s no way I’m going to be able to make any
sort of money next semester with that courseload. Hopefully most of my
courses don’t require too much out-of-class time. The only thing that
I’m expecting is a ton of reading (being that I’m taking Italian
Renaissance, Music History II, Artifical Intelligence, and Software

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