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Another day, another post

April 1, 2008 Leave a comment

So here I am making another post in my blog.  It’s so trendy…I feel like getting an iPod and popping my collar. Yep.  I may even paint my computer case in Apple White.

So anyway, work is work, the house is a house, and I finally got my car to pass its emissions test.  It only took 4 months and a new battery.  At least now I know what was causing it to lose its memory and I didn’t even have to pay the dealership $85/hour to diagnose it.  The bathroom renovation is coming along.  The plumbing is all finished and the walls are painted.  All that’s left is to install the new light, paint our design on the wall (should end up being similar to this

ryb – typical painting by Mondrian.

Obviously,  we’re going for a ’60s mod theme.  That will be going on one wall and will be reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall.  Hey, if you can’t have fun, why repaint at all? 🙂

After that project, I want to finish my workbench in the garage, get a new heat pump, and fix the patio roof.  Hopefully it just needs shingles, but they’re in pretty bad shape, so we’ll see what’s underneath.

Work is moving along.  Only a few more weeks until I get to go to a week-long training course in .NET.  We are finally moving over to VB.NET from VB6 (and only 7 years after VB.NET was released) after much prodding by me.  It’s so frustrating having to program around problems that were fixed in 2001.  Hopefully the class also includes some design ideas, because at least one of the other programmers at the Labs has no sense of modern software design and it is super frustrating trying to maintain her code.  Where a normal person would divide the program up into various objects, collections of related methods, and user interfaces, she just crams everything into one file.  Sifting through 10000 lines of code is not fun.  Neither is finding the three places where she’s duplicated the same functionality in three different ways (none of which work correctly).  I’ve also found out that pretty much everyone else feels the same way, but since she’s been there for like 15 years I don’t think the manager feels as though she has much leeway.

Anyway, now that we’re moving up to a modern programming language, maybe we can upgrade all of the NT4 machines (circa 1996) and the copies of Office 97 (1997).  Sigh.

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