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January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

So for Christmas I got a 500GB hard drive.  It went in my home server, since I already have 580GB on my desktop.

For my birthday I got another 500GB hard drive.  I currently can’t hook it up because I don’t have any more SATA cables, but it’ll probably go in my desktop into a RAID 0 config.  Ooh, if I get one more 500GB drive, I can do RAID 0+1 and get the best of both worlds….isn’t there one you can do with 3 drives?  RAID 5?  I don’t think my motherboard supports that though.

I also got 4GB of RAM, so my desktop machine is now up to 6GB.  Let me tell you, Vista totally flies with 6GB of RAM.  Superfetch fills up 5.5GB so pretty much anything I run launches instantly.

It’s a good day for computers. 🙂