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Possible Flyers Trades 2010

Here’s what I came up with.
Forwards to keep:
  • Briere
  • Gagne
  • Hartnell
  • Leino
  • Carter
  • Richards
  • Giroux
  • JVR
  • Lappy
  • Powe
Forwards to put up for trade:
  • Laliberte
  • Carcillo (fun to watch, but takes too many penalties)
  • Nodl
  • Ross
  • Asham
  • Betts
Forwards to definitely trade:
  • Cote (worthless in today’s league)
Defense to Keep:

  • Pronger
  • Timonen
  • Carle
  • Coburn
  • Parent (he’s still young)

Defense up for trade:

  • Krajicek
  • Syvret
  • Bartulis (he’s young too, but we might get something for him)
Goalies to keep:
  • Leighton as backup
Goalies to trade:
  • Boucher (I like him, but he’s no good in the backup role and not good enough to be a Cup winner)
  • Emery (if he can ever play again)

After all that, the Flyers need to sign a starting goalie, OR sign Leighton as the starter and get a young goalie to put in the backup role. Maybe Backlund can be this guy.
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  1. Scott
    June 10, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Oh and they need to get some solid defensemen, a la Timonen. Someone who can settle the game down.

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