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Things Wrong with 2012

To clarify, I’m leaving out things that would have killed the main characters simply because the movie wouldn’t be fun that way.

1. If neutrinos get stuck in Earth’s core and heat it up, why don’t they affect the surface?

2. If the tidal wave was 1500m high, how could it possibly have enough energy to reach the vicinity of Mount Everest (which at over 29,000 feet high is almost 6 times the height of the wave)?

3. If the hydraulics were strong enough to close that massive gate, and seemed to have no problems crushing a human body, how did a small drill manage to jam it?

4. In the scene where the White House gets destroyed, why is it surrounded by a forest, and where does the aircraft carrier come from? Did it travel on the wave all the way from Philadelphia?

5. Why did Africa stay untouched? And why couldn’t the really smart guys figure out that it would be safe?

6. How could John Cusack run 85mph to keep up with the plane while it was taking off?

I had lots more right after watching the movie but my mind must be blocking those memories. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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