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Comcast and Philadelphia Sports

The NHL season having started, I’ve been searching for ways to watch the Flyers without paying Comcast an extra $45 per month. Paying that much just to watch hockey games occasionally is not going to happen.

I’ve looked into my other options. NHL.com offers a service to watch every game in the league on their website. It’s not cheap ($20 per month), but it’s better than nothing and the quality isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, blackout rules apply, and since I’m too close to Philadelphia, I can’t watch Flyers (or Crapitals) on there.

Same deal with Yahoo Sports and NHL Center Ice.

My solution? I’ve found that I can watch illegal streams on sites like atdhe.net. The quality usually stinks, but at least I can watch the games (assuming someone is streaming that night).

It’s ridiculous, and it’s all because of blackout rules. I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price to watch games online but the NHL refuses to take my money, instead stating that these services are for fans that don’t live near their team’s hometown, and not just another option to watch the local team. I don’t get it. Money is money, but apparently because I could give Comcast $45 more each month (that would be $450 for the season and playoffs), I’m not good enough.

I don’t like it, but illegal streaming it is. Please NHL: get rid of the antiquated blackout rule and let me give you my money.

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  1. Chris
    October 12, 2010 at 6:49 AM

    It’s not illegal to watch the stream…

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