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Flyers off-season moves

The Flyers looked like they couldn’t win the Calder Cup in the playoffs this year, so here’s what they need to do.

1. Trade Carter for a starting goalie. Carter is great during the season, but disappears during the playoffs. He should bring enough attention to get a game-stealing goalie. It would also give Bobrovsky another season to really mature into the great goalie that he has the potential to become.

2. Take the captaincy from Richards. Similar to Lindros, he’s a good player, and a physical player, but he’s not a leader. Who to give it to? Some might say Pronger, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say give the C to Carcillo. That man plays with fire every game and seems like he’d be a great motivator in the locker room.

3. Put Zherdev on the first line and put him on the power play. He toughened up his game during the playoffs and he has the potential to be a 50-goal scorer during the season.

4. Trade Hartnell for a bag of pucks. He’s slow, he falls a lot, and he can’t hit the net.

5. Make Ian LaPerriere the defense coach. I saw nobody going down to block shots this playoffs. Ian lost his career to blocking shots. The defense needs someone to motivate them into performing better.

6. Trade Leighton. His back is injured, he lets in soft goals, and having four goalies is ridiculous. Maybe get some draft picks for him so the Phantoms can climb out of the bottom of the AHL.

7. Make a decision on Backlund. I feel sorry for the guy.

8. Make a decision on Boucher. With Bob and unknown #1, the Flyers have nowhere to play him. He’s a great guy and deserves to play somewhere.

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