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August 21, 2007 1 comment

Another entry!

I just wanted to express that the state of computer gaming is so bad right now that I’d rather clean the bathrooms than sit and play a game for an hour or so.

What ever happened to the days where I could play the same game for hours on end?  The last game I can remember that that happened with was TIE Fighter Collector’s CDROM and Half-Life.  Before that it was Shining Force 2 on the Genesis.

It’s not that I haven’t tried.  I currently own pretty much all of the top games from the past two years: Prey, Halflife 2, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Supreme Commander… they just don’t hold my interest like a good movie does, or a good book…or cleaning the bathroom.  It’s not a lack of computer horsepower – my computer can play the latest games at their top settings.

I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve come down to a few possible conclusions as to why gaming just isn’t any fun.  First, the games aren’t original.  The last original game came out in 1992.  Since then there have just been copies and small improvements on the original.  Every so often someone gets lucky and makes a Total Annihilation, or a Half-Life, or even a Duke Nukem 3D.  But for the most part, it’s usually “run around some hallways, find keys, shoot aliens, rinse, repeat.”  Give me an original concept, please!

Second, the age of Wikipedia and Internet forums has left me with an inordinately short attention span.  With the click of a mouse I can instantly get a completely random article to read or waste an hour posting messages about the latest guitar technique or comment on the latest random tech news.  Doing the same thing for more than five minutes might cause my brain to hemhorrage.

Third, I’ve simply “grown up” and feel out of touch with the current gaming crowd.  Adult-life has led me to rank my priorities a little differently.  When I was 13, spending my Saturday staring at the blackness of space while having dogfights with X-Wings was a perfectly acceptable way to spend time.  Now at 25 I feel that I must work, eat, pay bills, clean, hold my wife, and maybe even go outside.

Whatever the reason, I feel that something is missing from my life.  Computer games used to occupy a very large section of my time, and now I’m lucky if I play more than a few hours a week.  It’s sad to realize that what was once your defining hobby is now a last-resort time-waster.  Am I a better person than I was 12 years ago?  I have a house, a car, a wife, and soon a dog, and in a few years a child.  Lots of people would be ecstatic to have all of those things.  Still, there’s something very attractive about the life of a lazy 13 year-old with such a fulfilling escape from reality.

Oh well, off to scrub the toilets.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll end up donning some red overalls and go off on a quest to save a princess from a giant turtle.